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Unlocking Tomorrow’s Cures

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“Unlocking tomorrow’s cures” is both the theme and the title of this year’s EFPIA Annual General Meeting, which will be held in a Brussels on 14 June 2017.

The meeting offers delegates a chance to delve into the key issues and challenges that face healthcare stakeholders today and in the future. We’ll be reviewing the exciting wave of pharmaceutical innovation that is emerging on the horizon through our industry’s pipelines and exploring how it is transforming the lives of patients, as well as the way we deliver healthcare.

Speakers and delegates alike will aim to define the environment needed to foster and support the European research and development eco-system. There will also be an opportunity to examine the promising role of healthcare data in shaping future research and patient care, while identifying the barriers to unlocking its real potential.

The plenary keynote speech will be delivered by EFPIA’s President-elect, Stefan Oschmann (Merck), while the keynote speech on the future of the pharmaceutical industry will be given by our new Director General, Nathalie Moll. This will offer delegates the opportunity to welcome both of these speakers, who are set to play a vital role in steering the industry though challenging times.

EFPIA very much looks forward to seeing you in Brussels in June.

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