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Introducing PharmaViews


PharmaViews delivers a fresh perspective on healthcare policy, medical discovery, and the patient outlook in Europe.

At EFPIA we believe transparent, collaborative and open debate leads to positive outcomes. PharmaViews has been created to share ideas and foster relationships with those interested in securing the best outcomes for the patient.

Collaboration is key to a more successful, healthier Europe.  Through continuing in a spirit of partnership and collaboration we can better understand a new discovery’s role in society and how it can best play its part in delivering real benefits. To foster this, PharmaViews will be dedicated to presenting commentary and perspectives from the pharmaceutical industry, public policy experts, researchers and scientists and generally those advocating for better results for patients.

EFPIA represents the pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe. Through its direct membership of 33 national associations and 40 leading pharmaceutical companies, we are the voice on the EU scene of 1,900 companies committed to researching, developing and bringing to patients new medicines that will improve health and the quality of life around the world.

We support a vision of modern, sustainable healthcare systems in Europe. We want systems that provide patients with equal and early access to the best and safest medicines; that support innovation while realistically balancing benefit and risk; that empower citizens to make informed decisions about their health and ensure the highest security of the medicines supply chain.

In June this year, EFPIA launched its vision towards an integrated life sciences strategy for Europe: “Health & Growth – Working together for a healthy Europe”. Health and Growth is a progressive campaign that establishes a comprehensive case for the development of an integrated life sciences strategy in Europe. It provides a framework for fostering collaborations and strengthening public policy to: tackle health inequalities; develop sustainable healthcare funding models; and promote R&D in Europe.  

You will see our blog has specific sections on these three policy areas, and our content will continually inform, educate on and champion these important topics. 

Providing the public and policy-makers with our point of view, and view of others, and explanations of complex EU regulation and policy developments, is crucial to ensuring continued medical discovery. In turn, it helps contribute to the future health and wellbeing of citizens.

We hope you find the content on the blog stimulating and thought provoking, and a catalyst for your own collaboration and engagement with the pharmaceutical industry.

If you would like to submit ideas or contributions to PharmaViews, email:

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